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When Scott Rod Fabrications was started we had everyone from professional racers to the weekend bracket racers in mind. With over 30 years of fabricating experience, we wanted to provide the racers with custom aluminum tin work that is professionally built, but is still affordable to the do-it-yourselfer. For the last several years, if you wanted top notch aluminum tin work built and installed, you had to spend the big bucks, and go to a chassis shop that was either local, or hours away.


With Scott Rod Fabrications, you can have the high quality interior and under hood kits that are built for your car. And with the step by step installation instructions, you can install these pieces yourself in your own garage.


Let’s face it, not everyone has the connections or the money to hire a chassis shop to install a complete aluminum interior.  Too many times racers would enlist a “buddy” to attempt to make panels, only to find out that are less than spectacular when finished. Some of the racers would just go without panels all together.


We have developed different items for most of the popular body style cars. The nice thing about our items is that there is little to  or no modifications are needed to stock interior trim or to stock sheet metal. All panels are made from .040” aluminum, and are bead rolled and stepped for strength, making them a quality piece that will stand up to the rigors of drag racing week in and week out.


We are constantly making new pieces.  We will take the suggestions of the racers on what they would like to have as a new product. We work hand and hand with our customers to give them what they want.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our business, and keep checking in for the new and improved kits coming out soon.


Scott Schuette


Scott Rod Fabrications